The Parkway in Little Switzerland: Not Always Serene

By Walter Kulash, June 2010
Looking at how the Blue Ridge Parkway showcases the Little Switzerland peaks, you would think that it was always a "natural" for being located here. Knowing the affection that Little Switzerland residents now hold for the Parkway, you would also think that it was well loved from the beginning.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.


Mining History of Little Switzerland

By Alan Schabilion, May 2010
The minerals of the Little Switzerland area have attracted interest since the first inhabitants came long ago. Indians have used local mica for ornamentation and grave-sites for untold centuries. Though common here, mica is rare in many places and local Indians traded mica across many states. Discoveries of our local mica in the Hopewell Tribe mounds in Ohio show that this mineral has been mined here and traded for almost 2,000 years!


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