230 litres of gin stolen from the bottom of a lake in Switzerland

By Ann Kernahan, December 2022

From the bottom of Lake Constance, located on the border with Austria and Germany, an oversized steel ball with atypical contents was stolen by unknown persons. Inside the disappearing ball, 230 litres of gin were infused. The alcoholic theft was reported by the Switzerland Times.

The fact is that the local company Ginial specializes in the production of gin with a unique flavour. Three years ago the company decided to infuse the alcohol on the bottom of a lake for 100 days to give the hot beverage such a "zest". The gin is delivered to its "destination" in an 800-kilogram metal ball, which is fixed on a concrete platform.

The fate of the latest batch is still uncertain, however: when the Ginial staff returned for the precious cargo, it was discovered that it had disappeared without a trace from 23 metres below the surface. The company called in the aquatic police and divers to trace the cargo but even their efforts did not yield the missing alcohol.

The head of Ginial, Sello Fish, complained that the criminals who had made an attempt on the unique gin were professionals with boats and special equipment - the total weight of the cargo exceeds a ton and it takes a lot of effort to lift it from the bottom of the lake.

But the loss of the batch of alcohol was only half the company's misfortune. About four hundred bottles of the hot drink were infused in the balloon, 395 of which were bought in advance by loyal fans of the company. Now the waiting time for gin will increase, as will customer dissatisfaction.